We've all done it at one time or another. Fairy tales call it "counting your chickens before they hatch." Sometimes nobody notices. And other times somebody does.

The screen grab above is from a "transition" website designed by the Romney/Ryan campaign. Obviously, it was never meant to be seen if the Republican candidates lost. But it was online very, very briefly. It was discovered by PoliticalWire.com, which posted a few images.

I understand how that could've happened. The General Mills plant here is supposed to be in charge of printing souvenir boxes of Wheaties for winning sports teams. All the boxes celebrating Buffalo wins in the Stanley Cup, or the NFL Championship Game were supposed to be destroyed. Something tells me, though, that a few of them are decorating rec riooms around Western New York (All of those sweatshirts and hats celebrating Buffalo wins were supposed to have been donated to charities on other continents. But I saw a woman wear one on a Niagara Falls bus earlier this year [a bad time to be without a camera]. And not in the Tourist District, either).

My point is; it happens. Let's move on. Please?