Anybody who spends any length of time on line - at work or home - suffers from a common complaint. Boredom. For all the wonders the Internet provides, there are literally millions of sites that produce nothing more than loud, long yawns [and why are so many of them related to things we need to do?]. Here's at least a little relief.

Click here. You'll be taken to a site called The Useless Web. As the name implies, it's a look at quite a few of the less-than-helpful websites that live on the Internet. Just click on the "Please" button and you'll be taken to...well, here are a few examples of where it took me;

- a site that changes color from red to blue, and back again. It does it on a random basis, so nothing you do makes any difference,

- a snake-shaped form that moves back and forth, based on what you do, and

- three huge block letters that make noise when you mouse over them. It's an obnoxious buzzing noise, but it's noise!

(Be advised: I didn't see every possible useless site [I don't even know how many are available], but some of the locations may be NSFW. I didn't hit any, but I think you should at least consider the possibility)