Los Angeles police officials are looking for the person who called 911 and falsely reported an emergency residence of the Kardashian's.







The incident that was called in was so intense that it brought the SWAT teams to the Kardashian’s house. Apparently, this is a string of hoax calls that have been sweeping across the state of California called “swatting”, where the prank calls get the SWAT teams sent to homes.

Now, the Kardashian’s were not in the home at the time they were located in one of their other houses about 20 miles away and no crime was done.

Kim Karsashian took to twitter to comment about the calls. "These prank calls are NOT funny!," she wrote Friday. Kardashian said her mother called her after at least 15 officers arrived on their doorstep.

Now, now what great reality TV would that have been, Kim.

“Police last week responded to a false report of an armed robbery at Tom Cruise's Beverly Hills home. In December, a boy was arrested after police said he made calls that reported violence at the homes of Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher”, according to ABC.