What's it like inside the walls of Buckingham Palace?   History indicates finding a sympathetic ear at the palace is not an easy task for an outsider.  One of the late Princess Diana's good friends says Kate Middleton should prepare for notes from Queen Elizabeth II.    The friend, Jennie Bond, a former royal reporter who became a close confidante of Diana's during her divorce from Prince Charles, says Kate will have to get used to a few quirky customs.  Among those customs, Jennie Bond, says is the queen uses notes to communicate with family even when they are all in the same house, or should we say, palace.  "A Yahoo! Royal Wedding Blog"  reports Kate actually dated Prince William for six years before actually meeting the queen.  Kate's parents waited until last week before an introduction at a pre-wedding tea party at Buckingham Palace.  Only time will tell if Kate will be allowed to settle into the Royal family comfortably.