After the topless pictures of Kate Middleton surfaced and were published in France, the Royal family went nuts. They took some legal action and tried to win in "breach of privacy". Who knows if this is the outcome they wanted but this, at least, should make them a little happier...


'Closer' Magazine which was the original source to publish the photos was ordered to give the originals to the Royal Family. Of course the damage has already been done but, within 24 hours the photos were into the hands of Kate & William. Though, their problems do not stop just yet. This ruling was just for the French magazine. If they want all magazines to retrieve the picture they have many more court systems to go through. Some Italian and Chi magazines still have the pictures published and I don’t think they’re taking it down any time soon.

I know that whoever took the pictures of Kate is quite annoying and rude. But, when you’re the most looked-up to, elegant person in your country…and your caught topless…well, Kate…that just comes with the territory. That’s your fault. Be more careful.

Via Yahoo