After yesterday's tragedy in Boston, you start to think about things.  Life things.  How precious life is and how it can change in an instant. 

This was from a friend of mine's Facebook page.  As we morn the events of yesterday, it is truly amazing how every action we have determines out future.

"I should be in London this morning, I'm not. I should be with Chris and Kerry and Mathew and taking meetings to spread our music globally, I'm not. I should be eating crisps and warm bitter, I'm not.

But we don't live in a world of should.

Most people didn't even know I was in Boston yet or yesterday. I took this picture moments before the unfortunate acts of terror took place. I stood on top of a bomb, talked to a cop, took a picture and then walked to the corner. I stopped feet away from a second bomb, took a left to go to Newbury St. to get my dogs and Tess, and it all changed quick.

When the explosion happened, I thought it was fireworks and paintball guns. I called Dan because he would know what I needed done, as I was trying to get to the airport to get to London in an hour. Halfway through the conversation, I realized it went from bad to worse when I realized the paint was blood and immediately ran to get my family.

As I ran in a panic away from the scene, I could tell that people away from it had no idea what was going on. It was very odd running through the streets of Boston knowing things were bad, and watching others enjoy the beautiful sunny day and festivities.

We got home and then parolled the streets looking for people that needed any assistance with phone, bathroom, food, etc.

The more I stayed busy, the more it wasn't really real yet.

I was able to speak to very few people yesterday but am very blessed by the overwhelming response from people that were happy I was safe.

This morning I spoke to my friend Andrew and it wasn't until we spoke that I realized I took video and pics of it all happening.

I look at this picture and think, what if I had taken a few more pictures, or got a call, or tied my shoe. But I didn't. We don't live in a world of what if's.

So I keep walking forward.

If you don't think every day is a chance if nothing else but to be alive, your not doing it the right way."

Every day, every minute, every breath is a gift.