While visiting New York City this week, I was lucky enough to sit in the audience for an episode of Live! with Kelly (Ripa), and her guest co-host Michael Buble!

Both Kelly and Michael were very interactive with the audience during the commerical breaks... signing a few autographs, taking pictures and having a few good laughs with everyone. I just so happened to be sitting in the front row (a strategic move on my part) when Kelly and Michael stood in front of me to introduce the band Lady Antebellum. I'll admit that I was a little camera happy, so while they we were waiting for the commercials to end, Michael Buble jokingly said "This guy is going to have some nice pictures of my rear end," and then to my surprise he sat down on my lap!!! Of course everyone continued to laugh, and then Kelly Ripa said "That guy is never going to wash those pants again!" 

In 3...2...1... Live! was back on the air, and I managed to get in the camera shot and appeared on National TV.

I'll admit that it was pretty exciting to have some fun with Michael Buble, but I've already washed my pants! Now if Kelly Ripa sat on my lap, the pants would be framed and hanging in my living room! HAHA

~Keith Kelly