I remember when getting a breast augmentation was a hush hush subject. Celebrities never wanted to talk about what they"had done". Kelly Rowland is in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan speaking about her "small nuggets".  She speaks on how it was a thought that took 10 years and it has made her very happy.

It's something I really wanted to do for myself -- not for a man, not for work, for myself. And I love them!"

Via Limelife

Kelly is not alone in her quest for bubbie alteration aas they have been called on The Real Housewives of NJ.  Cosmetic surgery is no longer a hush hush subject, women want to look good at any age. If we were in Brazil we would opt for a new rear end instead.

  The latest study from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) lists breast augmentation as the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in 2010,  "As the safety of silicone implants has been established, more women are opting to enhance their breasts."