This morning, Cheryl and were I talking about slobs -- messy roommates or family members. This started because of a story about Michael Buble's wife throwing his clothes in the pool, because she was sick of picking up after him.

Cheryl told us about roommates she had in college that were "disgusting," and I said that Corinna hates when I do dishes because I get water all over the place...and then I found this unique way one mom handled it.

Remember when we were kids, and it was hard to remember to empty out our pockets before throwing our stuff in the laundry basket? Mom usually ends up emptying the Hot Wheels, pens, change, rubber bands and gum before washing clothes, so one mom actually saved all the things she found in her son's pockets. Here is the unique part: She presented the memories to him as a lamp on his wedding day!

Check out the actual picture...