Oh no this can not be good. The rumor mill has been churning about Kim and Chris. It has been said that Chris has been spotted without his wedding ring and that he was moving boxes out of his home. Could it be that he was moving out? Maybe, he was just cleaning and wanted to take a few things to the Salvation Army. Kim Kardashian is coming forward just two months after the wedding , saying married life has not been ideal. 

Kim says that they really have not had any alone time. They are currently living in NY together with her sister, her boyfriend and their baby. Did I mention that they are living in a hotel suite and they are filming Kourtney and Kim takes I can't imagie this is a good situation for anyone. Who's brilliant idea was this?  There is no need for them to all be under the same roof to film the show. This is a recipe for disaster. It seems as if themarriage is for the public and not for them. Let's hope I don't know what I am talking about. I want to see these two make it. At least for five years.

[Via Yahoo.]