I am the first to admit I don’t get the appeal of Reality TV. It’s on a lot in my house and I will occasionally watch “Hoarders” on TLC. But I have never watched “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. There’s just something about people that really don’t do anything for a living having a national TV show that bugs me!

Television networks used to be concerned about quality programming. Now it’s about saving money. Is it any wonder that when the Emmy award nominations are announced HBO always leads the way. Because they feature quality programming. Yes you have to pay extra for it, but trust me it’s worth the money.

I recently came across a  video clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kim's  new husband Kris had playfully picked her up and through her in the ocean. The result was Kim lost an earring. A $75,000 earring! She proceeds to have a mini meltdown. I guess I can understand that,  but it brings up a lot of questions.

To start who wears $150,000 worth of earrings around the ocean? Plus, she can replace the earring faster than any of us can imagine! And to spend that kind of cash on earrings is crazy! We've got 9% unemployment in the U.S. and they're are families that could easily live on that for a year, maybe two!

That one earring lost in the ocean could wipe out  my college debt from my kids! So Kim, stop crying about the earring. I'm heading for the ocean right now and go scuba diving! Maybe I'll get lucky!