One of my favorite summer TV shows kicked off it's season last week with a bit of a surprise appearance (at least for me) by none other than Kim Kardashian.  My opinion of Kim has never been all that great, but I have to say she did a pretty good job here.

Initially I wasn't even sure it really was Kim Kardashian.  I wondered if it was a look alike, until I checked it out on the internet and confirmed that Kim did have a guest role on the show.  

Kim portrays a "relationship guru" who befriends Stacey as she tries to deal with her break up with Fred.  The two bond, mistakenly exchange phones which leads to another meeting and ultimately initiates plans to open a "pakery"... a bakery that makes a combination pie and cake.  Yes, I am serious.  Check out the clip below for a peak at Kim's role on the  "Drop Dead Diva."

You can watch "Drop Dead Diva' on Sunday night's at 9pm on Lifetime.