CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler yesterday teased that Ashton Kutcher's character on "Two and a Half Men", Walden Schmidt, will be a broken-hearted millionaire, and that the character will be introduced over a two-part episode.

She repeatedly called Kutcher an "extraordinary" actor, and said the show was withholding details about his introduction to maintain mystery.

Tassler spoke at the Television Critics Association Summer tour and went on to say

"The show will be as irreverent as it has always been. Our program practices people are already on high alert," she joked.

Asked if killing off Sheen's character would be too dark a turn, she praised executive producer Chuck Lorre's writing — suggesting that he would be able to pull it off. "I think you have to look at Chuck and you have to loook at the genius and the talent behind his writing."

(From Yahoo TV)