My friend Tom used to yell at me because I would say "sorry" a lot.

He told me all the time that I'm too nice and that I needed to learn to say "no" more often. Yes, I'm a bit of a pushover, and I'm still very guilty of saying "sorry" when it probably isn't necessary. After watching this video, I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Ladies, I'm not saying we should take "sorry" out of our vocabulary, but we need to think about how we use it. It's become a filler word when a different word or phrase would be more appropriate.

Pantene posted this commercial and added this in the comments in YouTube:

Thank you all for joining the conversation! You are making some great points. Sorry is a good word to use, but maybe not always the right word. This quote from a FastCompany article on the subject helps illustrate why we need to be aware of situations in which we use it incorrectly:“Apologizing unnecessarily puts women in a subservient position and makes people lose respect for them, says executive coach and radio host Bonnie Marcus. […] Sometimes, “sorry” is just a verbal tic, but some usage patterns may indicate a situation or person who makes you feel insecure, she says. Being aware of those triggers and how they influence your language can help you be more vigilant in “changing your communication so you’re coming from a position of strength and equality,” she says.”

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