Lady Gaga's newest single "Judas' has been tagged as taboo because it allegedly depicts Mary Magdalen in a relationship with Judas and Jesus. Come on people, this is exactly what the record label wants...Hype.
This song/video has nothing to do with religion and is more about selling records to the masses.

Here's what others are saying about this video:

Lady Gaga’s new controversial music video manages to enrage the Catholic Church and almost every devout Christian as she openly declares her love for the man who betrayed Jesus Christ, Judas. (

This time out, the singer takes a drama of Biblical proportions and recasts it in a biker-gang milieu. Yes, it's a bit puzzling -- but captivating nonetheless. (

After weeks of buildup and pre-emptive criticism, Lady Gaga finally (spurred by leaks) released the controversial music video for her new single "Judas." And to be sure, it delivers on its promise of controversy.(

In a video packed with religious overtones, the pop sensation plays a modern-day Mary Magdalene, riding with a biker gang comprised of Jesus and His apostles.(