Friends and family of 14-year-old Bryce Buchholz are pulling together to honor the Lancaster Middle School student who was killed by a drunk driver last May 3.  They're hoping to raise enough money for a bike park in Lancaster in memory of the teen.  How can you help?


Bryce was one of those kids everyone seem to know, loved by all for his outgoing personality and the smiles he put on other people's faces. His favorite color was orange, the color of his BMX bike he loved to ride so much around Lancaster.

On the evening of May 3, Bryce was riding bikes with a friend down Lake Avenue in Lancaster. He was struck from behind by a drunk driver who then left the scene of the crash. His friend witnessed the entire horrifying incident. Neighbors came running to help. One of them chased down the driver and brought him back to the scene to face police. Bryce died.

Family, friends and the entire community mourned the boy's loss for days. Flowers, notes and even bottles of orange crush were left at the accident site. Hundreds attended his wake and funeral. Orange ribbons were left on the bike rack and trees outside the middle school in his memory. Students lined up in front of school, many wearing his favorite color, as the funeral procession passed by for one final good-bye.

No one though, will ever forget Bryce. Family and friends are hoping to keep his memory alive by building a BMX Bike Park in Lancaster for kids like Bryce, who like to ride. A variety of fundraising events are planned including a BMX Bike Raffle, Bike Competition and a Memorial Benefit. Organizers need to raise $150-thousand-dollars to make the Bike Park a reality and are looking for your help. Click here to find out more about these and other events, or how to make a donation.

Fly High Ride Free Bryce.