Yep, at this point, I'm begging. ;)

I've been rehearsing for this Dancing-With-The-Stars-type competition for the past 8 weeks....and the hard work is finally going to pay off FRIDAY!  It's all in the name of a wonderful charity organization, Suneel's Light Foundation.

The winner is determined by 2 numbers:  votes, and dancing scores.

I'm doing my darndest to win the scores....(this is just an EXAMPLE, not my actual dance.  That's just for Friday! That IS my partner, Paul, though, from Ballroom & Beyond)

...and I need your support and help on the votes part!

Since this IS a fundraiser for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, one vote = $1.  I'd really appreciate your support, as would Suneel's Light Foundation!

Can I count on your help?

Here's a little more about me, and you can watch my intro video here too!