It's officially Buffalo Bisons season, and so far, so good!  Not only with a winning streak (at least, as of post time!), but also, quite a HOME RUN with the new Buffalo-centric foods offered this year!

Townsquare Media / LD

This concession stand (above) on the concourse will have 4 different local beers in rotation...and it's also the one you'll find the INCREDIBLE Rich's Fried Cheese Curds and the BW's Pulled Pork Bread Cone!

Remember, it's still Kids Week, and the weather doesn't look too bad! So make it a point to get out to a ballgame this week! Cheap eats and cheap seats!

We couldn't let all these amazing new treats go without giving them a test-run first. So we sacrificed -- for YOU -- an afternoon to try out the new stuff!  (This also doubles as our audition for some kind of Food Network guys watching??? #WillEatForVideos)

(Special thanks to the man who kept talking at 498 decibels while we shot this video...)

Here are some up-close-and-personal photos of some of the really must try them all!

Play ball!