I was telling you on the air that I kept getting tracking alerts via text saying a Fed Ex package would be arriving soon.  How exciting! I love a good mystery!

First, I checked my Amazon account to make sure I didn't order something and then forget about it.  Hey, it happens.

Then I called my brother to see if he was sending something, as he sometimes does.  He said "Not that I know of!"

Finally, I thought, "OMG, maybe someone sent me flowers!  Maybe it's flowers! YEAH!!!!"

See if it was flowers...here.



So....here's the display of what steps I have to go thru to return my SECOND Note 7 (Love you, Samsung, but ya really screwed the pooch on this one....).

Guess I know what I'll be doing the next few hours...calling Jeremy Renner to come help me do this safely....