I'm a little bit of a pack rat.

Ok, I'm a LOT bit of a pack rat, with random things.  Yes, I save almost every box I've used for moving, just in case someone I know needs them later.  I also save boxes from things I've ordered online (ie 800PetMeds, Amazon, etc) because I often ship things to people outside of Buffalo and they're the perfect sized boxes for gifts!

What else do I have a ridiculous amount of?

Sunglasses....and poultry seasoning.

(Sunglasses because they're just fun, poultry seasoning because every time I need it and I'm at the grocery store, I think I don't have any at home...then get home and find I've, in fact, got like 4 jars already.)


So fill in the blank:  "You wouldn't believe how many/how much ______ I have."

Here are some of your texted responses:

Toni/Springville: Walmart bags!!

Melissa / Clarence: Lipsticks in the wrong shade

Stacy / Williamsville: Tupperware containers. Oh. And lipstick. Soooooo many lipsticks

Dawn / Tonawanda: Bottles of nail polish and key chains

Donna / Depew: Butter spreaders

Cindy / Elma: You wouldn't believe how many totes I have. I have moved quite a few times and got frustrated with boxes that would break or get wet and fall apart. So I started to pack everything in totes. I am getting ready to move once again, and at this point I have at least 40 totes in my basement. It makes it so much easier to move, and if it is something you are going to continue to store, and not unpack, it keeps out water, smells, and mold. Totes are the way to go!

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