I didn't think I had a problem until I couldn't stop. I thought I could just have one or two and that would be it.  I thought "hey, it's the weekend, I owe it to myself".  Then "the weekend" turned into Tuesday...and every other day of the week. I was hooked.

Hi. My name is Laura. And I'm a Jelly Bean addict.

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My problem started last week, when our friend Dean had a lovely Mason jar full of jelly beans on his desk. Naturally, I grabbed a handful.  I savored the fruity sweetness that only comes once a year.

And then, it happened.  I bought my own bag.  Actually, a few bags. One for home. One for the studio. One for the secret hiding place in the office for that random sugar fix no one can know about...(it's the supply closet, but shhh!).

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The only thing I could do to try to stave off my JB addiction was to make them gross.  So I found the game "Bean Boozled" from the fine people at Jelly Belly (maker of the finest beans on earth, if you ask me).  With flavors like rotten egg, stinky socks, barf, and booger, it was my last hope in dodging adult onset diabetes.

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But I couldn't play alone. So I made Eric play.  It wasn't fun.

(NOTE: If you're sensitive to seeing people gag, you might have a hard time watching this...)