I apologize for the delay in getting these posted! I actually went out on the boat with some of Buffalo's finest on Wednesday evening – guess it took that long to recover from the fun!

Townsquare Media / Laura Daniels

Fun fact: the Edward M. Cotter is the OLDEST working fireboat in the WORLD, and she rests quietly right in her little nook near the Michigan Street bridge. You may have seen her while kayaking or paddle boarding from Canalside.  I had a chance to get up close and personal with her, and it was awesome!

The ship was built in 1990 and was certified as a historic landmark in 1996.

Townsquare Media / Laura Daniels

In addition to her firefighting abilities, she also serves during the winter months as the city's sole ice-breaking resource!

Luckily, though, our little jaunt was during MUCH nicer conditions.  I'd like to thank Frank DeMart (retired) and the rest of the wonderful group who invited me to experience one of Buffalo's coolest pieces of history!

By the way, keep the Cotter floating. Donations are always welcome!

Here are some more photos from my day on the water with the BFD! They even let me direct the water jet thingy-ma-bobs!