Ok, I let the cat out of the bag.  I revealed I have an unlikely local celebrity crush:

It's WGRZ's John Beard.


Now, to be fair, my BFF Maria first "introduced" me to him (not in person, just by name) a while back, and I looked into him a bit more.  I found his recurring role on Arrested Development.  I started waching Daybreak a little more intently.  And low and behold, I followed Maria's suit like a 7th grader with a crush.  I now also love John Beard.

This isn't to say my first WGRZ crush, Scott Levin, isn't still on my list.  But since we're both up at dumb-o'clock in the morning, I feel a certain kinship with Mr. Beard.

This prompted us to ask YOU who YOUR local celeb crush was.  The results?

I'm TOTALLY not the only one with a fondness for John!  But you also really like:

  • Reggie Bush (Kelly / Tonawanda)
  • Scott Levin (Lori / Lockport)
  • Tony P (Chrissy / Buffalo)
  • Aaron Mentkowski (Jessica / Tonawanda)
  • Adam Begnini (Renee / Buffalo)
  • Evander Kane (Julie / E. Aurora)

So....who's YOUR local celebrity crush?