There are many ways that you could create friendly competition with family, friends, co-workers, etc.

Delilah and her friend decided to create competition using gardening!

Since March, my friend Janey, also the executive producer of my show, has been posting her garden photos to my Facebook wall. Her first post showed off pictures of her newly planted garden with the status update: "Garden is planted. Let the games begin!"

Since then we've been taking turns showing off some of the best photos from our growing gardens with quick quips to taunt each other. She won a round for her tall peas, then I won a round for my excess of strawberries. She pulled out a win for a gorgeous pink rose and I pulled out a win for my vibrant red poppies. And though neither of us actually win anything, our friendly duel has added an extra element of fun this gardening season.

I hope you're out in the garden this spring and summer enjoying the sights and smells and tastes! But more importantly, I hope you're making time to laugh with your friends and enjoy the little pleasures more often. My little competition with Janey is silly, nonsensical fun for both us, and it's a good reminder that we have a unique friendship filled with laughter. I encourage all my listeners to sow and grow friendships like that this season.

~ Delilah

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post