Linda Evangelista is back in the headlines and this time she's not part of the advertisement, she's the story. Linda has been battling with her son's fatherFrancois Henri Pinalt. Pinalt is worth billions and Evangelista wants a bump in child support for their 5 year old son. She's asking for $46,000 a month. Francois is the husband of Salma Hayek, they share a 3 year old daughter together.

The two are battling it out in court, Evangelista is naming all of the things Valentina Hiyak Pinault has been given and all that her son has not. This is a sad situation for all involved, especially the children. Do you think Evangelista is being fare in asking for $46,000 or more a month for support? It sounds excessive in my world, then again this is a man who spends $60,000 on accessories and $300,000 for a car. This amount is still less than 13-17% of his monthly income.