Perpetual bad girl Lindsay Lohan may be in more trouble as she tries to get caught up with her latet community service sentence. She's had to change locations after one Los Angeles volunteer agency told her not to come back!

The Downtown Women's Center claims Lohan regularly blew off scheduled sessions, and typically left after only an hour when she did show up [her judge's order mandated at least four hours at a time].

But for once, it may not be Lindsay's fault. She's claiming that she was always on-time for her volunteer service , but was treated so badly by the Center's staff that she could only stand an hour or so at a time. For what it's worth, Lohan has moved on to a local branch of the American Red Cross, and is reportedly getting on well with the staff there. She's showing up regularly, and putting in at least four hours each time.

Problem is, Lohan has a date with the judge who sentenced her to 360 hours of community service next week, and is said to be nowhere near the hours needed [Judge Stephanie Sautner said Lohan had run out of chances to get it right, but, really, how many times have we heard that one in connection with Lohan?]. 

Could Lindsay have had problems with the Woman's Center staff? Of course. Are most of the people reading this sceptical about that being what happened? I would think so. Will Lohan somehow get off from this latest rejection of a court sentence? Don't bet against it.