When with your friends, it may be hard to find new things to do when you're all together.

However, in this case, a few of Delilah's loyal listeners made a game out of her nightly show:

You don't just get the title "Queen of Sappy Love Songs" for nothing. It's a lot of hard work choosing just the right songs for each story and dedication that airs on my show. But after 30 years, I've become a pretty expert song picker-outer. By now, some of you are pretty good understudies, and a few of my loyal listeners even made a game out of it:

We just wanted to send you an e-mail to tell you about a little game we've created. On Wednesday nights we carpool to bowling. The ride takes about 30 minutes. We throw the balls down the lane and have a few laughs at the alley. But the real competition begins on the way home from the alley - we turn on your show and play a little game. When callers ask you to pick out a song for them we try to pick the song you are going to play for them. After two years of playing the Delilah Game Show we finally had our first winner! The song "I Hope You Dance." Thanks for the good times! We'll be out there guessing. Erin, Sarah, Krista, and Shelly

I hope you're tuning into my show, if for nothing else but to humor yourself with song choice predictions. But you can also have some fun by calling in with your friends and family too. Let's pick a song for your situation together! My number is 1-888-633-5452 or you can email me at today.

Till we meet over the airwaves...

~ Delilah

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post