From the "Waste Of Time" file: actress-turned-celebrity party girl Lindsay Lohan has reportedly checked into a Los Angeles jail to begin serving a "30-day" sentence for parole violations. And really, when you come down to it, what's the point?

I mean, judges have tried to reign in the train wreck that is Lohan with jail before. Also mandatory visits to drug treatment centers. And in-house arrest. And community service. And...well, you get the idea. None of it seems to make any difference on Lohan.

Besides, because of California's perpetually over-crowded jails, and the state's policy of releasing non-violent offenders {To be fair, LiLo isn't violent] as quickly as possible means that, although Lindsay Lohan turned herself in about 3 AM this morning our time, she may well be out by the time you read this, or at worst, serve 12-24 hours before being set free. Sure, she'll face more community service. But given her spotty record (poor attendance, alleged disaggreements with other volunteers and paid staff at one site she was sent to) what's the point of that?

Look, I'm not really sure putting Lohan in jail is the right answer. But it looks like she doesn't want to do anything to improve her situation. She's already lost her acting career, forced to pose in Playboy to get any kind of attention (of course, her "detention" was delayed to allow her to finish posing) or money. Maybe it's time to just step back from Lindsay Lohan, letting her hit bottom. Perhaps she'll realize that she needs to make changes in her life. Perhaps not. But maybe it's time to use whatever help is available for people who really want to be helped.

I wish this wasn't as harsh as it is. But I'm tired of someone who doesn't seem to understand that she has a problem getting every break in the book. If you're tired of it, too, or if you think patience is needed in Lohan's case, let us know. You can do that here or on our Facebook page.