It's easy to lose yourself at any point in the year with everything that goes on in your life.

However, Delilah explains that to give yourself a fulfilling year, you should think of others.

It’s easy to lose our patience this time of year; it’s easy to lose our serenity. And it’s awfully easy to lose those things when we’re only focused on ourselves and our own gain. You want a tip for a rich and fulfilling holiday season? Think of others. When you read this next letter, think of how wonderfully gratifying it must be to make someone’s day like this…
This year has been a very tough year for my family. I was laid off at work and things are pretty tight. Tonight I was headed into the local grocery store to pick up some items for Thanksgiving. I was carrying my sleeping 4-year-old son as my 6-year-old daughter walked beside me.
As I approached the door to the grocery store, an older gentleman walked up to me saying "Excuse me miss, may I ask you something?" Then he said "Are you, by chance, going into the store to purchase a turkey?" When I said "Yes," he then reached into his cart and said "I want you to have this turkey."
I was so shocked that I didn't know what to do, so I just stood there. He smiled and said "I used to have a young family like yours and I want you to have a happy holiday. Why don’t you take this and put it in your car so you can finish your shopping?" He handed me the big turkey. I must have said “Thank you!” a dozen times as he walked away.
I put the turkey in my car and continued my shopping with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye. I was overwhelmed by my gift from this stranger. My daughter said "Mommy...that man made my heart smile. Jesus is so proud of him!" I cried. Today I experienced a random act of kindness that will stay with me forever.


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Rachel Specht contributed to this post