Traditions are different from family to family, friends to friends, and are made throughout the years.

Delilah believes that traditions don't have to be a huge ordeal, but something that is worth repeating year after year. She gives examples of simple traditions from a few of her loyal listeners.

Traditions don’t have to be a grand spectacle; they simply need to be something worth repeating. So if your family, friends or community does something that makes your heart feel light, it’s probably worth turning into a tradition and doing it again next year. Here are some fabulous examples of simple and delightful holiday traditions anyone can start with their loved ones…
I’m 10 years old. I have been eager to share my Christmas tradition with you since I was 6 years old, and now I have my chance. During the year we gather up 24 Christmas books and wrap them just like presents. When the month of December starts we open one book and read it each night counting down till Christmas. The last book we read is on Christmas Eve, and we do this every year. This is my favorite tradition. Cole
I would like to tell you of a tradition my grandpa started a long time ago. When we would get our Christmas tree, every year we would saw off the end of the tree and mark the year on the bottom of the cut piece of wood. Then we’d put a hook in it and hang it up with all the others. Right now we have almost every year since my mom and dad got married, and we string them up across our window with greenery, like a garland. I love this tradition and hope to carry it on when I grow up. Nancy
Every year my mom, sister, cousin and I go over to my grandma’s house to help her decorate. Meanwhile, we tell stories of Christmases past. My grandma tells stories of long ago and some of them are so funny that my cousin almost wet her pants! We were laughing SO hard! Then it’s time for us to all settle down with a mug of hot chocolate, or maybe tea or coffee. We all snuggle in the living room where the fireplace is usually blazing, and all the Christmas lights are twinkling on Grandma’s new tree. We love to turn on your show, Delilah, to sing along with the Christmas music, and listen to the stories. Merry Christmas! Derek

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post