When I was a manager, one of the hardest things for me was finding qualified people to fill the positions I had -- but it wasn't because I didn't have applicants, it was because the people applying just weren't a good fit.

Here are some tips to find the right people to fill the positions you are hiring for.

1.) Let Prospects Know Why They Should Work For You

Just like any relationship, there should be mutual benefits for both parties. There are lots of companies in the job marketplace courting prospective employees. Let people know why they should come work for you. Do you have an great work environment that promotes fun? Let prospective hires know. Is there a lot opportunity for advancement? Make sure you pass that along, especially if you believe you have found the right person!

2.) Hire Only The Very Best

This means don't settle. A bad hire will cost you time and money and will only set you back. Don't settle for good enough just because you are sick of looking for the right person! You need to be sure you have found the best of the best of the best and nothing less!

3.) Use The Right Method To Recruit

Posting your job on the mass online employment sites may get you a lot of resumes but will they be people qualified for the position you are looking to fill? The best way to find qualified employees is the get people to come to you at the WNY Diversity Job Fair. There will be over 1,000 prospective employees attending the job fair and you can be there by calling Karen or Jessica at 716-319-7098.