Apparently, we're all a bunch of romantic saps, at least according to a new survey from 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair.  56% of us believe in love at first sight...and it's even higher among married people and those in relationships.

I know I've thought I believed it...but it turned out it was more of a "lust" at first sight.  You know how it meet someone, find them physically attractive, and you spend the first few weeks of dating them thinking they're the cat's pj's. The bee's knees.  The "love" of your life.  But as the relationship progresses, you realize you were falling in love with who you HOPED they were, not exactly who they REALLY were.  And thus, the lust-at-first-sight turned love-at-a-couple-weeks turns into oh-I-guess-I-misjudged-that-one.  Don't get me wrong,  I'm still a hopeless romantic, and I do believe one day my prince will come.  I take the lessons that I've learned in love though, and even though the heartaches were awful and felt like they'd never end, I'm actually quite grateful for them.  They let me live and learn, and become more objective when it comes to the opposite sex.  I finally feel "ready" to find that special someone...and I'm not going to fall into the same "lust-at-first-sight" routine.

The World's Largest Singles Party is January 25th.  Tickets are on sale now for just $15....but the price goes up the night of the event.  So save a couple bucks now and splurge on a new lipstick or cute outfit for the night.  When you're at a party with hundreds of singles, at least the playing field is evened out, and your chance of finding either love or lust at first sight goes way up! YOU believe in love at first sight? :)

<3 LD