Are former students getting sick from toxic chemicals they may have been exposed to while attending elementary schools in the Love Canal neighborhood of Niagara Falls back in the 1970's?

A Facebook page called  "Love Canal Made Me Sick"  is asking those who attended the 93rd Street School and the 99th Street School in Love Canal to speak up if they are experiencing any chronic illnesses. 

The two elementary schools were eventually closed and demolished, along with 800 homes in the area, after toxic chemicals buried beneath the neighborhood back in the 1940's were found to be seeping to the surface making residents ill and causing birth defects.  Love Canal was declared a Federal Health Emergency in 1978. 

WKBW-TV reports recent school reunion led one 93rd Street School Alumnusto begin asking questions.  The woman has been experiencing thyroid issues and found former classmates had also been dealing with chronic illnesses. 

Former students of either school can get in touch with organizers via their Facebook page.