There's nothing like adding a little excitement, or flirting, to your life.

A loyal listener of Delilah shares how she keeps life exciting between her and her husband by flirting every day.

My husband I have been a couple since I answered his post in the thrifty nickel newspaper 22 years ago. He has been the best. There is a whole lot I could tell you about this guy but I would embarrass him. He is my rock, support and strong arms. When he knows I have an appointment in the morning, he scrapes the ice off my windows and leaves a heart someplace for me to see it. I give him Hershey Kisses in his lunch box and put love notes in his pocket. After all these years we still flirt. What more can I ask for?

La Rhonda

...I encourage you to follow La Rhonda's lead and add a little flirt back into your daily life. If not every day, maybe once a week or once a month, think to do something out of the blue and perhaps a little out of character. I'll let you think on that while I get back to frosting cookies!


How do YOU add a little flirting to your life? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post