It's never too late to fulfill a random act of kindness.

Delilah shares a few of her listener's stories of how they have blessed others with no need of a thank you in return.

It's not too late to fulfill my Love Challenge with a random act of kindness. Read how some of my listeners have already blessed others with no expectation of a reward or thank you in return...

I am in the process of making gift baskets to deliver to our local nursing home. There are many residents who rarely or never get visited and they have been weighing on my heart lately. And I've purchased a few items (candy, socks, angel figurines, teddy bears, etc.) from our dollar store to add to them. A small price to pay to make someone's day and see their eyes light up, if even for a brief moment. Mary

For my Love Challenge I snow-blowed two of my neighbors' driveways. I saw that my neighbor's daughter had come over to shovel her parents' driveway while they're on vacation. It was much easier for me to snow blow their driveway instead of the daughter shoveling, so I thought I would help out since I was doing my own driveway anyway. As I was clearing their sidewalk, I noticed that there weren't any tire tracks in the next neighbor's driveway and thought maybe they too were on vacation, so I did theirs too. But I was wrong! While finishing up, I was startled by that neighbor as he stood to the side of me and when I turned and saw him I nearly jumped out of my skin. He had a good laugh and appreciated the help! Dawn

When I am not crocheting baby or wedding afghans for our nieces, nephews or friends' children, I crochet lap afghans. I have had time to make four of them this past year. I gave them to our priest this past Sunday. He is taking them out to the senior citizens he visits that have no family that visit them. It is a little gift from me to them so they can feel they are not forgotten. It makes me warm inside knowing they are receiving a gift and hopefully receive a little joy in their lives. Kathleen

I went to the McDonald's drive thru for a cup of coffee and as I was waiting I thought why don't I pay for the customer behind me in line. When I got up to pay for my order, I told the cashier I wanted to pay for the car behind me also. The employee asked me what I wanted to tell them and I replied just to have a nice day. As I drove off, the car blew its horn and blinked its lights and I just waved and went on my way. As I left the parking lot I felt really good and also had a smile on my face! Kay

What have YOU done to fulfill a random act of kindness? Share by commenting below!

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