Trying to cope with the loss of a loved one can be very difficult.

However, Delilah shares how reading a book that was recommended to her had helped her cope with the loss of her son.

After my son Sammy died a couple years ago, a listener recommended a book called Heaven is for Real written by Todd Burpo. It's a true story about his young son who emerges from a life-saving surgery and recounts all of the amazing experiences he has in heaven during his operation. The boy, Colton, shares impossible-to-know details about relatives he met in heaven who came before his existence and much more evidence that supports the case for heaven.

It didn't take long to get pulled in to this well-written account of Colton's experience in heaven. His story landed in my lap at such a critical time in my life and helped me cope with my son's loss, giving me a peek into the indescribable joy he must be experiencing in his afterlife. Knowing how hard Sammy's life had been as an orphan scraping by to survive in Africa, it is truly a gift to think of him in a perfect state with perfect peace.

Everyone who has the hope of heaven or has lost a loved one should read Heaven is for Real. It is a source of peace and I know it will help millions of other people grieving for family and friends, and inspire those who may be on a walk of faith. You can find out all about the book and where to get a copy on can also go LIKE the book's Facebook page and share it with your friends. I promise once you have it in front of you, you'll have a hard time putting it down.

Have YOU read a book that has made an impact on yourself and could with others? Share by commenting below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post