Over the next week, its possible you may hear "he/she is out sick today" a little more than usual.  A new survey said 11% of us are considering calling in, to stay home and watch March Madness!

Even if they DO come to work, 39% say they plan on streaming some games on their computer at work.  (Warning:  Your I.T. guy/girl may really, REALLY discourage this...for many, MANY reasons...unless of course, they're a March Madness fan...in which case, knock yourself out!)

While it's important to take a break from your social media from time to time (lets face it, you're at work reading this right now aren't ya? :) ) but at least try to spend some time on kitten videos or Candy Crush.  Less suspicious.

In the meantime, if the main reason you call out sick, do things other than work while you're at the office, or just get a "case of the Mondays" five days a week, get a NEW job!  Find hundreds of LOCAL positions available right now at the WNY Diversity Job Fair!  It's Tuesday (the 18th) at the Buffalo Convention Center.