No matter how young or old a person may be, there's always a chance for being bullied.

Margo Rey believes that in any instance, people should believe in themselves and through her current single 'Colours', she proves this point.

The subject of bullying has been on the rise as kids nowadays fight off cyber-attacks that can go viral in a matter of minutes. Bullying used to occur in empty hallways or out in the school yard. Now it happens online via social media for all the school, community and world to see. Gossip used to rely on word of mouth to spread over time. Now it spreads like wildfire in a matter of minutes over cellphones and computers. It's sad. It needs to stop. And it needs to start with positive influence in the home. We may not be able to wipe out bullying or guard our loved ones from it completely, but we can place it beneath our standards where it belongs. We can help our families rise above it - being the bully and the bullied - with love and acceptance and open communication.

A song I heard recently compelled me to write about the topic; it's called "Colours" by Margo Rey. It's a new song with an uplifting message to anyone who may doubt their self-worth, feel judged, or feel bullied. Read what Margo has to say about the impact she wishes to make with her song:

Simply put, "Colours" is about self-empowerment and believing in your own identity. I have been very compelled by the subject of bullying. Whether it is something that happens in the school yard, at home, the work place, globally or even worse, in the negative self-speak of bullying that many practice. This is a topic for which I and so many others can relate. It is my greatest wish that this song will inspire others to change negative patterns, because there truly is so much beauty to be found in our selves. ~ Margo Rey

If bullying has invaded your life; if self-deprecating thoughts torment you, or if you feel judged by others, go right now and let the words of this song take hold of your heart. Visit and click play on the music video for "Colours". You can find it on too.

Have YOU ever been bullied before or know anyone who has? Share by commenting below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post