Martha Stewart's only child  Alexis, has written a new book called " Whateverland: Learning to Live Here" . And as you might expect, the book is not very complimentary about life with her famous mother.

Alexis tells us that her mother used to hand her Christmas presents and make her wrap them herself. Telling her not to look inside at the gift.
Martha also used to leave the bathroom door open while in use. Something that got pretty embarrassing when daughter Alexis would have friends over to the house.

The most startling revelation is that there was never anything to eat in the house! Apparently all the ingredients were there, but nothing was ever prepared.

Why is it that children of Hollywood stars always seem to grow up in dysfunctional households. I think we're all better off living a "routine" life. Alexis Stewart had a show on the Hallmark Channel called " Whatever, you're Wrong". This clip could be a comment on her relationship with her mother.