Fans of "The Hunger Games" may be amazed at the details of Mattel's tribute to "Katniss Everdeen."  After seeing the movie, I think the doll mirrors a close resemblance to the real "Katniss." 

"The Hunger Games" heroin comes with the clothing "Katniss" wore in to the games, a mockingjay pin, a bow and arrow set and a single hair braid.  The doll's face also bares a striking resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence, who plays "Katniss" in the movie. 

Entertainment Weekly  reports "Designers at Mattel created Katniss’ look by going straight to the source and examining the actual costume that Jennifer Lawrence wore in The Hunger Games."

The doll is due out in August, but can be pre-ordered online at  for $29.95.