Daniel Coudreaut. You probably have never heard of him. But as head of culinary innovation for McDonald's USA operations, he may be the most influential chef in America. He says there's nothing nutritionally wrong with the McDonald's menu.

To quote him directly:

"I don't see anything on the menu that's unhealthy."

Well...Coudreaut has added some healthier choices to McD's menu - real fruit smoothies and apple slices as an option in Happy Meals are just two - but the menu includers some real unhealthy options, too. Nobody in his or her right mind would call the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese a healthy choice. It's probably a stretch to call its French Fries a health food [although Coudreaut has reduced the portion size]. And NYC Mayor Michael Bloomburg still hopes to ban large-sized drinks at McDonald's and other restaurants in the Big Apple, because of theuir high sugar content.

Understand, a lot of the problems with McDonald's [and other fast food restaurant] food is that we eat way too much of it. But for one of the chain's most influential chefs to claim the menu is free of unhealthy choices is just, well, denial.