"Grey's Anatomy" superstar Patrick Dempsey a.k.a. "McDreamy" is in the news for his off-screen heroics.  According to TMZ.com, a teenage boy crashed his Mustang causing it to flip over.  Dempsey didn't have to travel too far to lend a helping hand.  It happened right outside his Malibu residence.  He came running with his medic bag, uh I mean crowbar and pried open the door, freeing the lad.  The young dude asked "are you famous?"  Dempsey replied "I'm a doctor" (at least he plays one on TV.  Dempsey plays neurosurgeon Dr. Derek Shepherd On "Greys Anatomy".  By the way, the driver suffered a concussion but was otherwise okay.  Another passenger in the vehicle was unhurt.

It appears that both occupants of the vehicle were wearing their seatbelts.  You should too -- and no texting while driving!