Gregg Sansone is a five time Buffalo Music Award winning Solo Artist of the Year.

He has played all over the world. Paris. Florence, London, New York City, St. Louis

A while back, on a trip to Florida, he discovered the technology that would change his life - midi sequencing.

Gregg plays multiple instrument from his keyboards and transfers what he has composed to computer....kind of like a mini recording studio! This enables him to sound just like the band he is covering. If he is doing a Police tune or Dave Matthews, you can expect to hear incredible horns, percussion and bass. Gregg will play guitar or keyboards while the sequence he composed is playing back. This creates a full, rich show that is an actual band sound, not just a single instrument.

Gregg will be performing at our July Juicer on Thursday July 21st at Templeton Landing on the Buffalo Waterfront, along with National Recording Artist MOJO B. Get your tickets here.

Here is an interview with Gregg from Buffalo's Morning Show with Joe & Cheryl: