Lets be honest ladies: When we get dressed up for a night out, we're not always just thinking about how men will respond. We're dressing for other women to compare themselves.

Sure, lots of us will say we dress for comfort, style and to attract what we want to attract. But when it all boils down, we're relatively sure men don't "get" our shoe obsession.

Or do they?

A new survey says almost 80 percent of men DO pay attention to the footwear choice of their ladies...and almost 60 percent say she's got BAD TASTE IN SHOES!

Here's the breakdown of men's perceptions:

  1. 71% hate wedge heels.
  2. 67% don't like Uggs (THANK GOD).
  3. 63% don't like Crocs (again, THANK GOD).
  4. 58% hate platforms.
  5. 55% don't like flip flops.
  6. 49% don't like moccasins.
  7. 42% don't like mary janes.
  8. 37% hate ballet flats.
  9. 34% don't like kitten heels.
  10. 25% hate sneakers.

Now most of you are calling saying, "Well then, what DO they like???"

Notice how sky-high stillettos did NOT make the list?

You guys stink.