It's bad enough that we have to shell out more cash than men for various necessities (moisturizer, under-eye treatment, cosmetics, cute shoes, nice earrings, Spanx, hair product...shall I go on?), but now, we've gotta share???

A new survey from says men are pilfering about $350 worth of their wife or girlfriend's beauty products a year...and most of them hide the fact! The most common item to borrow was moisturizer, but I'm pretty sure there's a few out there who have "experimented" with eyeliner. Hey, it looks great on Johnny Depp...


Most guys said they're too lazy or too embarrassed to buy their own...and that stinks, because 42 percent of the women in the survey said their men borrow their most EXPENSIVE products! And most of them use WAY too much of that stuff.

So....does your man "borrow" your stuff? Does it drive you nuts? Better yet, guys, come clean...what do you always pilfer from your lady? (Don't worry, it's just between the two of us...and, ya know, the internet...)