Bravo to everyone who attended the Michael Buble Concert at HSBC Arena. We are true WNY'ers, who else would go against the advice of  every meteorologist to stay inside. The concert was phenomenal !!! There were no dancers, mix masters, pyrotechnics and costume changes to watch. MB did it his way with an orchestra,  flashing lights, his incredible voice...and his black suit and tie. There was not one disappointed fan in the crowd. The show opened with Naturally 7. I was amazed that seven men were singing and playing instruments all with their mouths. We screamed in excitement when MB opened the show with Cry Me A River. He spoke of his engagement to an Argentinian model, took pictures with fans and even came into the crowd to sing his breakout hit HOME.  I laughed when he spoke of being a Canadian that shops in Buffalo, who'll put on 20 pairs of pants only to tell border patrol "they didn't buy a thing". When it comes to true singers, Michael Buble is the real deal.  Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Donny Hathaway and Michael Jackson would have gladly sat up in their graves to hear him perform his renditions of their songs.  MB closed with an acapella performance of Donny Hathaway's "A Song For You".  He sang with NO MICROPHONE !!!!!  his voice  is so strong that it resonated through HSBC, you could  hear a pin and our mouths drop. I exited the arena excited that I had finally heard the man that I sing along with every weekend as I enjoy a glass of wine and prepare dinner for friends and family. All I can say is, it's a "CRAZY LOVE".