It's not every day you wander into Niagara Square on your lunch break and see a fashion photo shoot taking place. That this exact scenario happened today can only mean one thing: It's Fashion Week in Buffalo!

Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week kicked off this morning with a "modern-day princess" photo shoot on the McKinley Monument in Niagara Square. I stopped by early on -- around 11:30 a.m.; the event goes until 2:30 p.m., which means you have plenty of time to take (another?) lunch break and check it out -- so the models were still just getting ready, but check out some photos of all the action!

Interested in checking out one of the Buffalo Fashion Week events, which run from now until Thursday, September 27? Head over to Fashion Week's website for more details! If you can't make it to Fashion Week, don't worry -- we'll have plenty of coverage right here as the week continues.