Everyone has Father's Day on their mind for this weekend.  With Mother's Day just a few weeks ago, ever wonder who is worth more, mom or dad?  Maybe you were afraid to ask.

The average mom would make, if she was paid market value for everything she does around the house, a pay ranges from $60,000 to $119,000 a year.  Well, someone got the idea to do the same thing for Father's Day . . . and dads don't do NEARLY as well:  They'd only earn about $20,000 for everything they do at home.

Being a dad (not downplaying what mom does), it seems like dad does the more expensive jobs around the house.  Painting, cutting grass, fixing things.  If you hired someone to do these things, it would be quite expensive.  Although, cooking, laundry and bring the kids everywhere they need to go might cost a bunch too. 

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