You may have heard about this with me this morning, or if you're on Twitter (which I highly recommend), you saw this story make it erupt in anger:  Hasbro may be trying to ruin your childhood memories!

Ok, so that's a little dramatic, but they did announce that they're killing off one of the iconic game pieces.  As of this summer, one of the following will be GONE:  the shoe, the thimble, the race car, the iron, the top hat, Scottie dog, battleship, or wheelbarrow.

It will be replaced with either a toy robot, helicopter, cat, guitar, or diamond ring.

Facebook, Monopoly

Now there isn't one of us who used to play the game who never put the top hat on our head....

Facebook, Monopoly

And who DIDN'T try to stick the thimble up their nose at least once??? (No...?  Just me...?)

Facebook, Monopoly

But you DO have a say in the decision.  This Facebook page app allows you to cast your vote on which piece to SAVE!  (As of press time, the poor lil Scottie is in the lead to get the boot!)

Vote early, vote often!  ;)

<3 LD