If your kid is a Justin Bieber fan - than this one's for you!  Bieber's film debut hasn't even been out a week, but there is already a second version in the works. 

Billboard.com reports that "Never Say Never 2.0" is scheduled to be released March 4th.  The new version will reportedly contain 20 pieces of music not in the first release and enough edits to make fans want to see both.  Some of the changes were reportedly made in response to comments made during test screenings of the film back in December.  Sources tell Billboard that Paramount Pictures will officially announce the film closer to March, and will reportedly emphasize the fact that fans' comments were the reason behind the re-release.

The original "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never," which was released February 11th, had the best opening day of any film in 2011.  It took in more than 12-million dollars Friday and came in second for the weekend with a gross of 29-point-five-million-dollars.

Courtesy of Metro Source